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For those of you who care about this sort of thing, Damon and Elena have sex in this Vampire Diaries clip. Slow motion style!

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O M G loved this scene so much even thou I'm more of a stelena fan but wow ! :D exciting stuff ha-ha I really hope katherine comes back too


Oh god finally the full Delena sex scene without Caroline and Stefan whining about whether Elena is sired or not!!!! Thank you so much whoever made this! I love the song too. =)
But actually even in the episode I can't breathe while watching the scene. If I saw this for the first time or if it was done this way by TVD I would have passed out. Haha. So probably guys Julie Plec took this into account. They don't want Delena fans passing out while watching this.


caroline should not worry about elena because she wold in the same situation with claus.anyway delena is just epic


Beautiful! Exactly as it should have been in the episode. Full of Passion and LOVE!
They have much more chemistry than Elena and Stefen have ever had.


OMG someone made the BEST VIDEO EVER!!!! It soooooo makes up for how the show ended. All Delena fans must watch


I agree!! DELENA 4EVER!!! I just wsh the writers didn't put that stupid sire bond in there otherwise this was the best vampire sex i have ever seen! Ian Somberhalder is one hot , goodlooking man. This was the best episode yet in the history of the vampire diaries seasons! Too bad it was totally ruined by the sire bond! Carloine and stefan r n my nerves! SHUT UP AND LET ELENA BE HAPPY 4 ONCE!!!! LET HER BE HAPPY WITH DAMON WHETHER YOU APPROVE OR NOT! IT'S NOT YOUR CHOICE, IT'S ELENA'S. DELENA 4EVER ALL THE WAY!!


good job!! approve :P


At least the song they picked is beautiful and very appropriate...what a shame they had to chop the scene up the way they could've been so sweet and special but they just messed it up with all the juxtaposing of whiny Caroline and boring Stefan talking smack...oh, and that horrific music at the end! It just cheapened the whole thing and made it feel somewhat dirty when it was so full of love... This video was beautifully done. Thanks to whoever edited it and made it the way it was supposed to be...wonderful job!


Holy Crap! That man is gorgeous...Mmmmm...



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