DC's Legends of Tomorrow: An Extended First Look!

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The CW has released an extended first look at DC's Legends of Tomorrow, premiering on Thursday, January 21st.

All of the players are featured, gathered from The Flash and Arrow, including ATOM, White Canary, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Hawkgirl and Hawkman and Firestorm.

New to the scene are Rip Hunter  He's from East London. Helpful!

And...Vandal Savage. The man who has traveled through time and back again creating all kinds of problems and who the elite force of eight are tasked with taking down.

The time machine looks like a spaceship, and it's friggin' awesome.

It's nothing, however, in comparison to the groovy outfits the furture legends are sporting when they zip through time. Sara looks fabulous in whatever she's wearing. That alone is reason to watch for a lover of vintage fashions! 

Of course, there is a gag or two about who they're entrusting the fate of mankind.

Should Captain Cold and Heat Wave be allowed to remain on the time machine unsupervised?

But as White Canary points out, if they have the power to change the world, don't they have the power to change their own fate?

And did you catch the references to both the man of steel and the dark knight? Hello Superman and Batman!

What about the trailer was the most exciting to you? 

Let us know what you think and how friggin' excited you are for this one to come. If you aren't a fan of Arrow or The Flash, will you be watching? Will you watch two or all three? Let us know!!

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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