Criminal Minds Season 7 Finale Promo

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A profiler is about to die. Consider yourselves warned, Criminal Minds fans, and watch this CBS promo.
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i love ur shows


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i love this show the love and explosions were good got me worried and jj kided that girls butt that was the good part. i really love criminal mindsseason fanaly

@ carlette

Especially prentiss

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 24 Quotes

JJ: Will's with them. I found his wallet.
Hotch: It benefits them to keep Will alive.
Morgan: They must have a safe house set up.
Prentiss: Whoever their outside man is, that's where they're heading now.
JJ: But where? What's their end game?
Rossi: There's no logical reason, they want to create panic.

Strauss: As agent Hotchner told you, they want you to admire them. Leaving the cameras on was their way to brag about how much fear they were creating.
Hotch: We need to know what happened. Specifically the UnSubs' behavior in the minutes leading up to the blast. You'll be interviewing the survivors. They'll be in various stages of shock, but any information you might get could be the key to apprehending these suspects.