Catch-22 Teaser Trailer: There's No Way Out!!

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There is a premiere date for Hulu's upcoming series produced by George Clooney, Catch-22.

Based on the Joseph Heller novel of the same name, the series follows a bombardier named Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) whose only hope is to get out of the war alive.

Yossarian Out of Uniform

But he and his fellow soldiers discover that the closer you get to your mission quota, the more missions are added making it impossible to get out.

More fun comes in the way the military treats its soldiers.

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The Catch-22 is that the guys don't have to fly all of their missions if you deem yourself crazy.

All you need to do is ask.

George Clooney as Scheisskopf

But one of the indicators of sanity is asking not to fly your missions.

After all, who would want to fly in such dangerous circumstances and drop bombs?

Certainly not the sane.

George Clooney stars as the barking mad, parade-obsessed Scheisskopf and directs the six-episode series, along with Grant Heslov and Ellen Kuras.

Hugh Laurie is the mellow, slightly checked-out Major de Coverley.

Kyle Chandler is Colonel Cathcart, the man who keeps increasing the missions the men have to fly.

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Catch-22 premieres with all six episodes on May 17.

While it's unlikely we'll be reviewing this one episodically, we'll have a review for you before the show premieres if advance viewing is available.

Kyle Chandler as Colonel Cathcart

In the meantime, watch the trailer below. Clooney does zany very well, and this looks like his signature stuff. The dialogue in the trailer is enough to get me to press play right now!

"You're saying he had his balls blown off."

"Approximately, sir."

"I wanna see."

Not many actors other than Clooney could pull off that with a straight face, but he makes it sound incredibly ridiculous and very human at the same time.

Will you be watching?

Drop us a comment below and share your thoughts after you check out the trailer.

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