Castle Season Finale Promo: Is This the End of Caskett?

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Last night, Castle thought he was marked for death by the AntiChrist in Castle Season 8 Episode 21.

Unfortunately, it appears it wasn't the character marked for death as much as the Caskett romance.

The Last of Caskett? - Castle

Seven years ago, it all began as a writer and his muse.

When smart, charming Richard Castle began following the extraordinary Detective Kate Beckett.

Rick Castle was inspired to write an entire series of books.

And millions fans were driven to tune in week after week to watch.

Many of us fell in love with the epic love story.

We believed it was for Always.

But now ABC appears to be telling us that, “Everything ends in tragedy, even an epic love story like yours.”

Is this really how the great love story is supposed to end?

With ABC ousting costar Stana Katic, it appears that Kate Beckett isn’t’ long for this world.

The only hope for Castle fans may be if ABC chooses to cancel the show instead of renew it for season 9.

Because we hear there were two endings filmed: one as a season finale, one as a series finale.

We can only hope that the series finale ending lets Caskett live happily ever after.

That hope has actually sparked the #SaveCaskett #CancelCastle campaign!

Have fans of a hit show ever before lobbied for its demise?

If it’s happened, we certainly can’t recall it.

But watch the promo for Castle Season 8 Episode 22 and you might understand why.

Will you watch a Castle Season 9 if it's Richard Castle without Kate Beckett?

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The Big Bad Wolf. The person behind Senator Bracken, Allison Hyde, the hit squads and every terrible thing that's happened to me and Beckett in the past nine months.


Oh my God, could my ex-wife be LokSat? Because in a lot of ways that could make a lot of sense.