Castle Clip: A Boyfriend?!?

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Ryan and Espo are on to Beckett in this Castle sneak peek. They know she has a boyfriend, and they are all about learning his identity!

I watch that show every day its on after BONES goes there was a new episode on one of our local channels and they put something else on i saw the part where he asked Kate to mary him but when that new one came on i didnt get to see if she said yes or no ivwatched them enough i know them by heart except the new episodes i hope they do get married then after lets say by the episode season seriers come up I HOPE sweet sexy KATE gets pregnant and they have a boy i know Castle gets on Kates nerves playing his part but sometimes she doesnt fake it . plus i like her smile and long brown hair. i love his daughter of how she helps her dad solve cases his mom she is funny at differnt times love to have a photo of BECKET ,CASTLE ,AND HIS DAUGHTER,AND HIS MOM my home address is 1815 WILLIAMS HOLOW ROAD GALLIPOLIS,OHIO ZIP 45631 HAVE THEM SIGN IT

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Castle Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Beckett: So, you rich or something?
Castle: I'm not James Patterson rich, but I do ok.

You're in a room full of detectives and not one of them has a clue.