BrainDead: Aaron Tveit & Mary Elizabeth Winstead Tease Ick Factor and Idealism

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We've already visited with the creators of BrainDead, Michelle and Robert King (The Good Wife), and now we're checking in with stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Tveit.

The two kindly took time out of their schedule to meet with press to chat about their new series and were part of a fun discussion.

BrainDead brings to light conspiracy theories, brain eating aliens in the form of ants and...politics!

As you do.

Tveit has a great love of a good conspiracy drama, and thinks you need a story that can play out and sustain over multiple seasons.

He has something particular in mind, "Personally, I always go back to that first season of Homeland, you know, when you kind of didn't know if he was a terrorist? I thought that was some of the best television I have ever seen."

Tveit continued, "I think the longer you can play out these conspiratorial ideas, the better it is for, you know, the long run of the show."

Would you believe he gets grossed out reading the scripts? Not necessarily seeing the nasty bits playing out, but reading about them.

The things you learn in an interview!

Both actors are impressed with the chances being taken on BrainDead, both by Michelle and Robert King, as it was an unexpected play coming from the creators of The Good Wife, and CBS, as it's not in line with their expected fare.

Tveit makes sure to point out that the show isn't trying to show extremism on behalf of the Republicans or Democrats, but political extremism overall.

"We live in a crazy political climate...and I think they're doing a really good job of showing all sides of this," Tveit continued.

And be sure to catch this – when discussing the romantic side of his and Winstead's character, he quotes Paula Abdul. Can you guess in what way?

Winstead shared how she thinks her characters are viewed in the scope of BrainDead, "We both can agree that we have nothing in common and hate one another and cannot have any sort of discussion, and I think our two characters represent these two hopeful, very idealistic people who hopefully represent the very best of their respective parties, people who just want to be able to live side, and have reasonable conversations, and have a debate and maybe get somewhere at the end of the day."

The people who live in "reality" on the show start to realize they have to work together to in order get somewhere and make some headway with the problems at hand.

If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the first scene Mary shot. She was baptized by fire with an exploding head in the ambulance, "I hadn't even met everyone yet," she laughed.

Not everyone has to deal with the brains, but the ick factor is something else.

That's OK. They're not done yet!

Make sure you watch the whole conversation for more information on each actor on how they approach their characters, the style of the show and the politics involved.

Please tune in to CBS on Monday, June 13 at 10/9c to get a taste of this new, fun summer show.

It promises to be a good time!

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