Beyond's Burkley Duffield, Tim Kring and Adam Nussdorf on "A Wild Ride"

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Freeform's Beyond is finally upon us!

This fall I had not only the pleasure of interviewing Beyond's "Holden," Berkely Duffield as well as executive producers Tim Kring (Heroes) and Adam Nussdorf (who also created the series), but to attend an exciting event with them in New York City.

The first thing you'll notice when watching the interviews is the terrible lighting.

I considered holding back the videos because of their quality.

But that would have meant denying you what I consider one of the most interesting components from a place like NYCC: chatting with someone in a group setting while they're relaxed and comfortable.

I hope you agree, and despite the lighting, enjoy getting to know Berkely Duffield, Adam Nussdorf and Time in this setting.

Adam Nussdorf had some great insight into what he considers the touchstones of the series, and it's not about traditional "superheroes," which some people have latched onto in relation to the show. Spielberg and Ryan Johnson are influences.

Nussdorf also said, "every episode tells its own story," while the last couple episodes really take things to another level.

Careful storytelling will allow the audience to take the ride with Holden, and if at anytime viewers begin to feel disconnected with Holden, Nussdorf will feel they've failed.

Tim Kring, who you know well from Heroes, really enjoys getting to the detail of what's in store for viewers as they watch Holden coming to life for a second time.

If you haven't bee paying attention, Beyond will initially explore a large time gap after Holden recovers from a 12-year coma.

To awake as a man, someone you don't even recognize, only to learn you have come from somewhere nobody has ever been is a fascinating thought, right?

Freeform took reporters Beyond for their event, as well. We were treated to a night at The Explorer's Club in New York City. The historic building is beautiful, and walking in feels like stepping inside something from the Harry Potter franchise.

The Explorers Club promotes the scientific exploration of land, sea, air and space and members have been responsible for the first expeditions to the North Pole, South Pole, the summit of Mount Everest, the moon and the deepest point of the ocean.

Will we find Holden exploring someplace equally as fantastic on Freeform's newest hit?

Not only is his character very unique and one who goes on an exciting journey, but Burkely Duffield is a young man very comfortable in his skin.

He's a very personable guy, and from what I've seen, that carries through in his performance. It's hard not to like Holden.

He's excited about the show and shares his excitement about it casually and in such an endearing way there's no way you won't want to tune into the entire series after you watch the premiere tonight on Freeform.

Are you eager to sink your teeth into the whole first season of Beyond when it drops on the Freeform app and on Hulu after the premiere?

Make sure you watch all three interviews and tune into Freeform at 9/8c tonight! Check your local listings for channels.

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