Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Promo: More Gore, More Guts, More Groovy!!

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They made it to Jacksonville without being sucked into the road!

Who would have guessed that?!

There's little doubt Ash would be throwing a kick ass party in his new home of Jacksonville.

He's swinging his chainsaw hand and beer is flowing all over. It looks fantastic!!

Unfortunately, that party is about to be cut short, as Ash announces in this promo, "We're gonna go to ElK Grove, Michigan. It's my hometown."


Before we go any further...check out this totally awesome poster that was released, as well. Can someone print it out and send it to me? Please??

Ash vs Evil Dead Poster

Covered in blood as usual, his faithful sidekicks Pablo and Kelly don't look so excited.

But how else are they going to "put an end to this horse pucky once and for all"?

Don't miss the nickname written next to Ash's old front door. 

With Lemmy's passing this past year (the lead of Motörhead) hearing "Ace of Spades" fire up as Ashy Slashy goes to war kind of gave me chills.

Here's hoping ol' Lemmy is looking down with a smile on his face.

Thank God Ruby did the right thing by summoning him back home. 

As much as he (and we) want to be partying down in Jacksonville, it's time to kick some supernatural ass!!

Wait...was that the BIONIC MAN we saw flashing past in the trailer?

Well, yes, yes it was!

None other than Lee Majors himself will be playing the role of Ash's father. Ash deserves nothing but the best, after all.

And Ted Raimi? Yeah, he's Ash's best friend from childhood. It sure looks like he knows his way around a monster.

Who else wants to learn that special handshake? 

With limbs flying and heads rolling, there's no better time to stop and prove you're the best friends ever.

Ash vs. Evil Dead returns this October. Who's ready for more gore, more guts, more groovy?!?!

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