Arrow's Marc Guggenheim Teases a Wiser Oliver Queen

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Marc Guggenheim shared with us at Comic-Con that the time jump before Arrow Season 6 will be in real time, so about five months.

And while the theme is family, he is very excited not only about the found family all the heroic characters have discovered along the way, but a team of villains who will be in the same situation and fighting Team Arrow.

How will the dynamic change now that five years have passed and the flashbacks are going to take a different narrative course?

Closer To the Truth - Arrow

It's not just as easy as passing on the flashback scenes to others within the team.

In the past, Oliver would be going through a crisis and the wisdom would flow through Felicity or Diggle as they connected with him helping him through his toughest moments.

During Season 6, that will flip. As others face challenges, Oliver will be bearing the honor of the wiseman/sage in those scenes and he'll share his hard-won advice with his team.

What's Going On Here Then? - Arrow

Despite telling the audience in the past a true four-way crossover event may never be achieved within the DC CW universe, well, that's no longer true.

As to what else he can tease? You'll just have to watch yourself.

Be sure to watch Arrow online to keep the momentum going before the show returns this fall on The CW!

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