Arrow: Rick Gonzalez on Winning Over Fans to Favorite Character Status

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Rick Gonzalez was not only a comics fan before joining Arrow but fully understands everything that goes into making a character like Wild Dog complex.

While he might not have known who Wild Dog was before getting the role, he embraced all that Rene was once he discovered the full nature of the character he was about to play.

Another Ambush? - Arrow Season 5 Episode 11

He's former military with a great history that led up to becoming a husband and a father, all things that only compound Rene's background.

Of course, Gonzalez couldn't say much, but he did share what he hopes happens in the course of Rene's future.

What might happen with Rene in terms of the theme of family, for example?

Wild Dog In Costume! - Arrow

The best part of the interview, by far, is his plan to win over fans after their initial reactions and his own thoughts about it.

Trust me, if you were not a fan of Wild Dog, Rene or even Rick Gonzalez himself going into this interview, you will be by the time you're done watching.

Don't miss it!

And as always, be sure to watch Arrow online to keep the momentum going before the show returns this fall on The CW!

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