Arrow: David Ramsey Promises Explosion "Particularly" Impacts Beloved John Diggle !!

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"The explosion profoundly effects people on the show, specifically Diggle."

Both physically and emotionally, according to portrayer, David Ramsey.

My fault - Arrow Season 4 Episode 19

Not only that, but it will affect him the most because he's such a well-written and evolved character.

If you were planning on missing Arrow Season 6 Episode 1, don't do it.

That's where Diggle's profound journey will begin.

The Diggles - The Flash Season 2 Episode 15

With Arrow's Season 6 theme of family, you can bet John Diggle will be dealing with big issues since he's married to the leader of the Suicide Squad!

Find about all this and more in our chat with Diggle himself below.

And as always, be sure to watch Arrow online to keep the momentum going before the show returns this fall on The CW!

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Felicity: I don't doubt that. I don't doubt that you can beat him, but I'm terrified that you won't kill him because that's not who you are anymore and I am so afraid that Ra's al Ghul is going to use your humanity against you.
Oliver: Felicity, I honestly don't know if I'm a killer anymore, but I do know two things. The first is that whoever I am, I'm someone who will do whatever, whatever it takes to save my sister.
Felicity: And the second thing?
Oliver: I love you.

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