2011 Preview: 90210

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What is on tap in early 2011 for 90210? When it returns with new episodes, Navid and Silver will still be going at it.
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I'm glad that liam admited to annie how he felt and they we're together but she is still dating his brother so lets hope everything works out as it should which would be liam/annie i personally do not think bad of silver i know its not right to do that to a close friends i mean it usually means the end of a friendship but look how adriana has become i mean she has changed besides silver is one of my favorites and lets see naomi i think that the rape situation is really going to change her for the better but i hate that she had to go through something so traumatic they need to catch mr cannon lock his ass up and throw away the key and ivy deserves the best i like her character


Just love annie and liam.. NEED to be together!!!


More Liam and Annie!
Navid and Silver have crossed a line
one kiss is different than an undercover relationship
just dump Ade


I don't like Naomi's hair that long.


Season 3...sorry xP


OMG i can't wait for this episode. Season 4, best season by far!


I love the Ivy and Naomi frienship! How they are really honest with eachother and want the best for the other person. It's an unlikely frienship, but a good one :)
I really hope to see more of that second half of the season!

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Never, in the history of mankind, has a guy that got the crap kicked out of him felt as fantastic as I do.


Is this a relationship or The Bourne Identity?

Ian [to Teddy]