Psych 2 Review: Lassie Come Home

Psych 2 Review: Lassie Come Home

Our review of Psych 2 reveals what happens when Shawn and Gus return to Santa Barbara to help Lassiter, recovering after being ambushed, determine who attacked him.
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Murder in the Front Row is a Whole Hell of a Lot More than Just an Exodus Lyric

Murder in the Front Row Film Review

The lyrics to Exodus' "Bonded by Blood" are no longer just classic thrash metal lyrics but now the title of a headbashing new documentary. Read our film review here.
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Amazon Prime's Troop Zero is More Warped Than Your Typical Family Film

Troop Zero Review

Troop Zero stars Viola Davis, Allison Janney, Jim Gaffigan, and Mike Epps, and is set against a backdrop of 70's culture and music. Click here for our full review.
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TV Movie Quotes

Real Estate Agent: Between you and me, this is the first time I've shown this place in a month. So you can get this place for a steal.
Vincent: My favorite way of getting things.

It's one of the great mysteries of life. You never know quite what's going to happen next.