New Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Teachers

New Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Teachers

On New Girl Season 4 Episode 8, Jess and Coach attend a two-day teacher conference and Jess's crush, Ryan, is also in attendance. Meanwhile, Winston, Schmidt and Nick decide to have a guys night in.
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NCIS Season 12 Episode 8 Review: Semper Fortis

NCIS Review: How to Save a Life

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 8, a former Navy corpsman is charged with providing unlawful medical help after saving two people injured in an accident. Meanwhile, Abby's love life has reached a milestone.
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The Flash Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Flash is Born

The Flash Review: A Man of Steel

On The Flash Season 1 Episode 6, Barry and Iris mend their friendship after they are faced with a visitor from the past. Read on for more detail!
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