Sabine was Level Six and Dutch interrogated the hells out of her on Killjoys Season 2 Episode 7. Meanwhile, Johnny is about to endure some torture of his own. Read on.
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On Tyrant Season 3 Episode 6, a terrorist attack causes everyone to reexamine their priorities in life. But can anyone really manage to have it all? Read on for more!
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On Suits Season 6 Episode 5, Mike was forced to rethink his plan to inform on Kevin, but why? Read on for the full review to get up to speed with what went down!
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On Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 7, Garrett continues his investigation into Camp Stillwater and the ritual as he flashes back to his own summer at camp.
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On Scream Season 2 Episode 11, another character was killed off, while the killer's threats to Emma and Audrey got more dangerous. Read on for the full review!
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