Humans Season 1 Episode 6 featured some crazy good plot twists that changed the course of the show drastically. Read on for the full review and to find out who died!
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Everyone is out to get Ghost on Power Season 2 Episode 8, but will anyone actually succeed in bringing him down? Read on to see if Ghost makes it through unscathed.
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On Hell on Wheels Season 5 Episode 3, Cullen must deal with some disgruntled workers. And just what is the Swede up to? Find out when you read our review!
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D'avin confronted the elusive Dr. Jaeger on Killjoys Season 1 Episode 7. The woman triggered D'av's programming and he nearly killed his team again. Read on to learn more.
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Alex and Noma discovered Julian's 8-ball army on Dominion Season 2 Episode 4. Julian gave the amphora game away as well. Read our review to learn more of Julian's truths.
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