The team visited an old facility on Arkyn, while John and Pawter were trapped in Old Town on Killjoys Season 2 Episode 8. What's the ultimate purpose of The Wall? Read on!
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On Tyrant Season 3 Episode 7, compromises leave no one satisfied. Will Leila give up her man or her principles to become president? Read on to find out more!
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On Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 7, the truth about Elliot's situation is revealed, while Angela makes a big move at E Corp. Read on for our review!
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Were you ready for the wild ride of Zoo Season 2 Episode 9? Dariela was racing wild horses, Mitch's dad was on board the plane and Jackson learned a secret. Uh oh!
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On The Fosters Season 4 Episode 8 Mariana and the Robotics team compete for a trophy and Callie finds a smoking gun in the Kyles case. Read on for more!
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Reviews Quotes

Steve: Go get um Professor Plum.
Danny: It's Jeffries

"My dad gave me a gun to hide."