Peter Shinkoda

Peter Shinkoda studied Civil Engineering at the University of Western Ontario followed by studying Post Production for Film and Television at UCLA.

You may know him from his role as Ferrian in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Victor in Crash and Brynes, Albino X in Dark Angel, the anesthesiologist in Kingdom Hospital, Chin in I-Robot, Andy Fetz in Sanctuary, Yoshinaka in Riverworld, Sektor in Mortal Combat: Legacy, and Dai in Falling Skies.

Peter also did voice overs as Wu Sheng in Sagwa, the Chinese Siemese Cat,

Role Show
Dai Falling Skies
Montreal, Canada

Falling Skies Quotes

Karen: Glad you came Hal. I wasn't sure you got my message.
Hal: Loud and clear.

Girl: Nice one, Benji.
Ben: Stop calling me that.