Whiskey Cavalier: 9 Hot Takes On The Uber Fun Spy Dramedy!

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7. Edgar is the New Favorite Nerd

Edgar is the New Favorite Nerd
We have ourselves a new funny, lovable hacker. Edgar spent most of his time being carted around against his will and making funny quips, but he's already such an enjoyable character. So far, the only thing that screams "nerdy" is the fact that he's an NSA hacker, but so what, he fits the bill, and we love it and him. Edgar brings the funny, and when he gets to crack his knuckles and quarterback missions, it's going to be over for our nerd-loving hearts.

8. We're Really Going To Need More of Susan and Jai

We're Really Going To Need More of Susan and Jai
They are the respective best friends of Will and Frankie. Given both Frankie and Will's specific issues, they probably don't have a lot of friends as it is. However, Susan and Jai lacked presence during the pilot, and the hope is that we'll learn more about them and see more from them. We barely got a feel for what either of them do, and hopefully, they'll be more than just the friends of Will and Frankie. Susan was super fun in her moments, and Jai is suave AF. More, please!

9. The Group Dynamic is Promising

The Group Dynamic is Promising
We did not have many scenes of everyone together. The pilot introduced us to the characters, and we'll have to watch the next installment to see how they work together as a team, but that final scene is already promising. Susan already seems to be fond of Frankie and vis versa, which could lead to some a dynamic female friendship, especially with both ladies being the only ladies on the team. Also, there is a hint of something potentially amusing with Jai and Edgar's interactions.

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