What We're Watching: Week of March 30 - April 5

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7. Arrow - Public Enemy

Arrow - Public Enemy
Last week left Felicity in the crosshairs of Maseo's next arrow, and I've been tense and terrified all week waiting to see if she makes it. Rumors that one member of Team Arrow is set to die this year are abundant, so let's just hope she manages to duck at the right time. A show without Felicity Smoak is no show at all! --Lindsay MacDonald

8. American Idol Top 8 Perform

American Idol Top 8 Perform
With its new same-night elimination format and edge of their light-up seats results, American Idol is feeling fresh this year. Tune in to hear frontrunnersTyanna Jones and Clark Beckham take the stage. They're going all the way. --Miranda Wicker

9. Archer - Drastic Voyage Part Two

Archer - Drastic Voyage Part Two
Archer's season finales are always fun and intense, and this week's holds a lot of promise. The two-parter season finale of Archer will conclude this week, as Archer and the gang aim to complete a drastic mission while they're shrunken and inside someone's body. Fantastic voyage indeed! --Robin Harry

10. Grimm - Heartbreaker

Grimm - Heartbreaker
This week's episode of Grimm is slated to introduce another Royal to the mix, even as Juliette continues to struggle over her transformation into a rotting corpse witch. Plus there's murder. Fun times! --Kathleen Wiedel

11. Scandal - Honor Thy Father

Scandal - Honor Thy Father
Olivia Pope is handling a case that DOESN'T involve the White House this week. But it does involve a politician, guest star Jordan Belfi, who plays a man whose father is on death row. David Rosen is still digging up dirt on B613 and looking for more superspies to testify against the organization. There's little doubt that he's embarking on a dangerous mission. --Miranda Wicker

12. The Good Wife - Loser's Edit

The Good Wife - Loser's Edit
I'm looking forward to The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday 9pm) where it looks like E-mail Gate continues and everyone's dirty little secrets are about to hit the fan. Will Alicia be able to hold onto her new State's Attorney position in the aftermath? We'll have to tune in to find out. --Christine Orlando

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