TV Fanatics Share their Appreciation of the Small Screen

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7. As a former Castle fan, I have a lot to be thankful for this fall.

As a former Castle fan, I have a lot to be thankful for this fall.
As a former Castle fan, I have a lot to be thankful for this fall. Stana Katic’s new thriller, Absentia, is coming to Amazon. Nathan Fillion is headed back to ABC with a new dramedy, The Rookie and Castle creators Andrew Marlow and Terri Edda Miller have a new procedural, Take Two, starring Rachel Bilson and Eddie Cibrian which just got a straight to series order from ABC. With all of that, fans of the Castle team have a lot to be grateful for this season! -- Christine

8. The final season of The Middle

The final season of The Middle
The Middle is a show I am sad to see leave, but this final season has renewed my love for the Heck family. Seeing Axl, straight out of college, trying to navigate his life has probably been the most relatable for me; though the biggest reason I am thankful for this season of The Middle is the Sue/Sean relationship. While it has been super frustrating, I am legitimately invested in what is going to happen. -- Samantha

9. Evan Peters as Kai on American Horror Story

Evan Peters as Kai on American Horror Story
I fully admit I am thankful for Evan Peters every year, but this year he killed it on American Horror Story as Kai. While the audience was disgusted with Kai’s actions, his image for the public opened our eyes to how people can truly be deceiving and how people in power can manipulate circumstances.

10. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin
A family-oriented show that isn't afraid to tackle important messages like immigration, coping with loss at an early age then finding happiness again, bi-sexuality, the unfortunate state of the public school system, and finding the balance between money and family. And all while providing telenovela worthy twists! -- Lizzy

11. The Big Three

The Big Three
While most of us were focusing on how Jack died, season 2 really connected us with who his children were both past and present. While the season and their stories may be a bit depressing, it's life. And Randall, Kevin, and Kate are such complex creatures that are filled with regret, love, appreciation, and nostalgia. -- Lizzy

12. Chris Wood!

Chris Wood!
He was deliciously evil in The Vampire Diaries and he's even more mesmerizing as Mon-El in Supergirl. And after a 6-episode break, he returns from the future where he's moved on and married Imra! Not only is he easy on the eyes, he also brings a compelling love triangle and layers to Supergirl's "human heartache." -- Lizzy

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