To the Boy We Loved Before: 46 Times Noah Centineo Dazzled Us On The Fosters!

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7. When He Knew Mariana Wasn't OK

When He Knew Mariana Wasn't OK
Mariana often felt the rest of the family dismissed her, and after her terrifying experience during the school shooting scare, she battled PTSD. Jesus was always the most in tune with Mariana, in part because of their twin status, but also because Jesus was attuned to others emotions even when he didn't respond to them. The attentive way he tended to Mariana throughout her experience was impressive and sweet.

8. When He was Protective of His Family

When He was Protective of His Family
All of the Foster kids are protective of one another, but Jesus can be the most overt and intimidating if he has to be. Nick eventually became a friend, and a lot of other things, but he didn't make the best first impression. He made a remark about the Foster brood that put Jesus on the defense, and honestly, who isn't enamored by a guy who comes to the defense of his family?

9. The Time He Told Mariana about Meeting Their Birth Father

The Time He Told Mariana about Meeting Their Birth Father
Jesus was more open to meeting their birth father than Mariana. She put on a front pretending to not be interested, but when Jesus secretly met up with Gabe under the guise of a new employee, the first thing he did was share the experience with his twin. It was a rare moment of the twins bonding over their missing part of their identity and past prior to being adopted. While there was no shortage of decent Mariana and Jesus scenes with the first Jesus, the twins' relationship thrived in the later years in large part due to the beautiful way Centineo and Ramirez played off one another.

10. And When He Stalked Him

And When He Stalked Him
There came a point when Jesus sought out information about his father and a male influence. It was something he craved for a bit. It led to him tracking down his birth father, Gabe, but it also led to him imposing himself on the man when there was a good reason for why Gabe couldn't be around. Jesus' persistence was understandable, and that particular storyline was moving. It explored the complexities of adopted kids and birth parents, and there were so many rich layers tapped into and explored.

11. When He Reassured Mom

When He Reassured Mom
Although he could be selfish at times, Jesus also knew when to say the right thing to reassure the people he cared about. There were many times where Stef and Lena questioned their parenting or whether or not they were enough for their kids. Jesus seeking out a male influence could have led to some insecurity on Stef and Lena's part, but he was often the most vocal and proud of having two moms.

12. When He Made Terrible Decisions

When He Made Terrible Decisions
While Callie takes the cake for most problematic Foster child who made the worst decisions, the others had their fair share of questionable moments too. They're teenagers, after all. One of Jesus' most consistent arcs on the series was his struggles with academics. Eventually, it reached a point where he insisted on dropping out of school altogether. While Noah Centineo is ever the intellectual, his portrayal of a frustrated teen who struggled with learning disabilities and academics was authentic and gripping.

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