The Walking Dead: 13 Reasons We're Excited for Season 8!

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Let's face it, the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7 left a bad taste in many people's mouths. Its grimly dark tone was only accentuated by how badly Rick and his group were beaten down throughout the first eight episodes.

As difficult as it was to witness, it was a necessary evil.

Rick had grown too confident and comfortable prior to meeting the Saviors and needed a heavy dose of reality in order to realize what he was up against. In the latter half of Season 7, we saw our heroes rise up and form allegiances with Hilltop Colony and The Kingdom in order to take a stand against Negan, who is in for a heavy dose of reality himself.

That said, there's no denying the immense hype surrounding the upcoming season, and with good reason. Let's take a look at 13 reasons we're excited for The Walking Dead Season 8!

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 22nd.

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1. 100 Episodes!

100 Episodes!
What better to kick off The Walking Dead Season 8 than with the show's monumental 100th episode? Here's to Rick Grimes and the gang killing walkers for another 100!

2. Hit The Ground Running

Hit The Ground Running

The cast and showrunners seem to say the same thing every season: "This is the best season yet" or "There is so much action." Yet, last season the show struggled to live up to its own hype.

This season however, I have no doubt that the days of treading water for numerous episodes are behind us. The All Out War story arc in the comics is unrelenting to say the least, so there should be little excuse for filler episodes this season.

3. Casualties Of War

Casualties Of War

It's difficult to not view the impending showdown between Rick and Negan as a boxing promotion. Season 7 was all about the hype, showboating and smack talk, but Season 8 will be the pay-per-view event we've been waiting for.

Since the upcoming season will be following the "All Out War" arc from the comics, there is no doubt that the war between Rick and Negan will finally come to a head. Of course as with any war, there will be casualties.

With an overabundance of characters introduced over the past two seasons, expect the show to begin trimming the fat exponentially this season.

4. More Shiva!

More Shiva!
We're going to get to see more of Ezekial's pet feline in action. Need I say more?

5. Consequences For Sasha's Death

Consequences For Sasha's Death
After Sasha's failed kamikaze attempt in taking out Negan, the Savior's leader was furiously searching for answers. And while Negan has his suspicions, Eugene's assisted suicide could end up having big time consequences.

6. Taking Out The Trash

Taking Out The Trash

Speaking of repercussions, the Scavengers and their odd speaking leader Jadis will most definitely get their comeuppance this season. Rick Grimes does not take too kindly to double crosses.

No ma'am.

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Daryl: You gonna tell me where this is coming from?
Judith: I just want us to be back together again ... at home. That's all.
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