The Originals Season 4: Best Twist, Biggest Letdown & MORE!

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7. Worst Couple

Worst Couple
Rebekah and Marcel randomly getting feelings for each other again was a bitter pill to swallow. Claire Holt's lack of series regular contract with the show means there's a good chance the couple won't stand the test of time. In addition, it felt like eons since the pair had spoken about their feelings. Let's just collectively admit this one was pointless and move on.

8. Character Who Deserves Better

Character Who Deserves Better
Vincent has long been the go-to person for help with the latest villains in New Orleans. Yes, he likes to call people out on their $hit, but that's why we love him. He is not to be messed with and has no qualms about doing the right thing.

9. Best New Character

Best New Character
She may have been used as a plot device to prove that Freya had a caring bone in her body, but Keelin emerged as something so much more. Despite Freya's cold exterior, Keelin persisted because she knew there was some good in her girlfriend. She meshed really well with the other characters, and I hope she's still around for Season 5.

10. Lazy Storytelling Alert

Lazy Storytelling Alert
Elijah's faux death was so frustrating. As if the show would ever seriously let Daniel Gillies go. The death plot was tiring because it was evident he would return to the land of the living. Even Gillies poked fun at it because he's died a lot of time on the show. We don't need twists that are thrown in for a cheap shock. We need meaningful ones with consequences.

11. Best Cameo

Best Cameo
Alaric Saltzman, of course. Having the whole magic school storyline be used in The Originals was a good idea. It paved the way for us to find out bits and pieces of what was going on in Mystic Falls. It served as a useful nugget of information for fans of The Vampire Diaries. Considering Hope is heading to Mystic Falls for school, we hope we get more from the characters of the town.

12. Hopes for Season 5

Hopes for Season 5
With the series essentially resetting at the end of Season 4, we hope the series figures out which location it wants to stick to for Season 5. If Hayley has built a life for herself in Mystic Falls, we need a plausible reason for how the family will wind up back together. We can't have her making the sacrifice for Hope, only to return to the French Quarter after a time jump. It would be good to get some cameos from The Vampire Diaries cast members, but only if it serves the story. We need to see the family get back together in a meaningful way, and witness how different they are because of the events. In short, there needs to be consequences for all of their actions.

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