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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 21 is titled "Black Hearts." Flip through pictures from it here.

1. Dealing With Her Decision

Dealing With Her Decision
Whatever decision Teresa has made about her move, Patrick doesn't look happy about it on The Mentalist. "Black Hearts" is the 21st episode of the show's sixth season.

2. Figuring Her Out

Figuring Her Out
Is Jane still trying to figure out whether Lisbon is headed to D.C. with Marcus Pike? He's certainly looking at her curiously on this episode of The Mentalist.

3. We Can't Even Imagine

We Can't Even Imagine
We can't even imagine The Mentalist without Teresa Lisbon. Jane wants her to be happy but we want to see her working with Patrick Jane.

4. Marcus Pike

Marcus Pike
Marcus Pike has been incredibly patient, giving Teresa plenty of time to make her decision. On the other hand they haven't dated for very long. Isn't a move to D.C. asking a lot?

5. Not Quite Real

Not Quite Real
Teresa's smile doesn't quite reach her eyes. We think she wants to be happy with Marcus but is she really? Or is there another path she sees for her future?

6. Worrying About the Future

Worrying About the Future
Jane did so much to get Lisbon to follow him to Austin. Is worrying about her future plans distracting him from the human smuggling case?

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