The Fosters: 11 Hopes for Season Five

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The fifth season of The Fosters is closing in on us!

The Fosters Season 4 was filled with laughs, tears, and a whole lot of drama. It even ended with a suspenseful cliffhanger.

After a jam-packed season where everything that could possibly happen, happened. We have no clue where season five will take us. We do, however, have a few things we'd like to see.

The Fosters returns July 11.  Check out our wish list of what we hope to see in The Fosters Season 5.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you have your own wish list? Chime in below!

There's still time to catch up before the premiere. You can watch The Fosters online right here via TV Fanatic.

1. Family Fun and Happiness

Family Fun and Happiness
So much has been happening in The Fosters world, that the family had little time to bond with one another and be happy. Can we get a family movie night, game night, a family vacation, perhaps? Admit it, we all would gladly watch an entire hour of this lovable brood having a good time with one another. If nothing else on this list happens, let this one happen. Callie and Brandon are heading away in no time at all.

The schooling situation is up in the air. So many changes are on the horizon. The clock is winding down, and they may not all be under the same roof together like they are now, for much longer. They could use all the family bonding that they can get. We could use it, too. It may be wishful thinking, but hopefully, the family can find a moment to reconnect, be worry-free, and have fun with other another.

2. A Little Moms R & R

A Little Moms R & R
Lena and Stef deserve one-on-one time more than anyone on television. In fact, they need a vacation. What haven't moms dealt with over the past season? There was a divorce (on paper), nearly losing their home, financial woes, Mariana's PTSD, Jesus' medical issues, Callie's legal trouble, and so much more. It would have been unrealistic if it didn't put a strain on their marriage at times. Thankfully, in one of the most comforting, beautiful, happiest moments of season four, moms renewed their vows. Can they maybe renew their honeymoon too? Moms deserve a little romance. Bring on the heat, please!

3. No Legal Woes

No Legal Woes
With Stef working in law enforcement, it's impossible to avoid seeing a courtroom, police station, or jail/juvenile facility. Is it possible for the Adams-Foster kids to avoid seeing them though? Callie, in particular. Callie's legal troubles consumed most of the fourth season. She nearly ended up in jail. Thankfully, that won't be happening, but now she just has to get herself out of that pesky situation she's in with Diamond's pimp. With reckless Callie, mischievous Jude, unstable Jesus, and protester Mariana let's have a Prayer/Meditation Circle that everyone can stay out of trouble. Just for a bit!

4. The Brothers Make Up

The Brothers Make Up
Brandon and Jesus' relationship has always had a healthy dose of fraternal rivalry and jealousy. The issues with Emma and the abortion, however, have torn them apart unlike anything before. It's crushing. The brothers NEED to make amends. Our hearts can't take it if Jesus continues to lash out, and Brandon needs to get through to Jesus and apologize for hurting his brother, despite good intentions. The Fosters are stronger when they're together. Hopefully, the friction between them won't continue much longer.

5. More Joah

More Joah
Jude had a couple of heavy storylines in season four. Sex-Ed was not only one of the season's best episodes, but one of the best plots for his character. For the most part, he has been your typical mischievous teenager with an equally as mischievous boyfriend. Jude's relationship with Noah has been refreshing, and watching their relationship grow and evolve has been a highlight.

Jude and Noah are not only cute, but they have one of the most stable romantic relationships on the show at the moment. They have also been great for lighter moments and comic relief. One wish for season five is that we get more of this relationship, all facets of it, as Jude and Noah continue to grow closer. Give us all the Joah.

6. Callie Chills Out

Callie Chills Out
Callie is coming off a hell of a year. The second she's safe, she needs to take a beat. It has to be exhausting finding herself in so much trouble all of the time. It certainly is exhausting to watch. We hope Callie takes a break from court cases, murder investigations, and life-threatening situations. She should finish out the rest of her Senior year experiencing every day, mundane teen drama. She has an amazing recommendation for Art school and a loving home. It's time for Callie to allow herself to be happy. She deserves it.

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