The Best of 2014: Worst TV Trend

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The TV Fanatic staff has picked the worst TV trends for 2014.

1. Casting Gives Away Plot Secrets

Casting Gives Away Plot Secrets
Giving away plot twists by casting recognizable actors in important roles -- and then having their names in the "guest starring" credits right after the first commercial break. How many people immediately guessed that Burn Gorman would be Henry's stalker on Forever after they saw his name?

2. Episode Titles Giving Away Character Deaths

Episode Titles Giving Away Character Deaths
Naming a very important episode can be really difficult. When a show plans on killing off a main character and gives it away by way of the title, it's a tad annoying. The two I'm thinking of are Coda for The Walking Dead and Spacewalker for The 100. I kept thinking they wouldn't be so obvious, but was disappointed in the end.

3. Casting Named Actors as a New Show Tease

Casting Named Actors as a New Show Tease
It seems more shows will be casting "named" actors in their pilots to attract viewers only to kill them off by the end of the first hour. Z Nation took the chance killing Harold Perrineau before the credits rolled, and there are others on the way!

4. Ridiculously Long Split Seasons

Ridiculously Long Split Seasons
The whole air a show for 3 months and then take it off for a bazillion months before airing the second half. It's not new, per say, but it's annoying. All the momentum a show has built is just stopped and I think it really turns off the casual fan. When "one season" is split with a year in between the halves airing for the purpose of awards, how about they're just a whole new season?

5. Intrusive Advertising

Intrusive Advertising
Advertising another show in the bottom THIRD of the screen during the show I'm watching. Here is one of the best examples... notice in the image how Rabbits animation turned out. Really, covering nearly 1/2 of main character?

6. Overly Revealing or Bait & Switch Promos

Overly Revealing or Bait & Switch Promos
Another trend that is the promos that give away plot twists (and now I am looking at you Parenthood/NBC). While I am one to look at spoilers there are some shows that I want to be surprised about and revealing crucial plot points/twists in the promos just gets me so irritated. On the other hand, tying together inacurate scenes to make you think something will happen can sometimes be worse! Parenthood remains the winner in this category.

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