The Best of 2014: The Worst Show on TV

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These are the worst shows on television in 2014.

1. Glee

Oh, Glee. After so much promise in the early episodes, I found myself tuning out after the midseason break. I returned many times. Probably due to the promotion from Fox. The show seems to have so many big ideas, that are so full of promise and then they just get ditched for more buzzworthy ones. Glee is the definition of a half baked idea. I cringed when it got the two-season renewal. There are so many shows that are creatively better that deserved a two-year renewal. It looks like the shows luck has run out as it's about to premiere its final season. Goodbye. -- Paul Dailly

2. Under the Dome

Under the Dome
I gave up on Under the Dome three episodes into season 2. The first season was ridiculous and poorly written, but I stuck through it to see how it would end. Dragging out the mystery into multiple seasons was a bad idea and completely unnecessary. I decided I didn't care enough to keep going and it wasn't worth putting any more time into it. -- Stacy Glanzman

3. Dance Moms

Dance Moms
There are so many reality shows that I can't believe actually still air. For instance there is no way Real world is still as good as it was back in the glory days of the early seasons. However, one of the most despicable ones has to be Dance Moms. I actually cringe when I hear that woman screaming. Like here is a verbally abusive psycho screaming at children on TV, great idea networks! -- Leigh Raines

4. The Following

The Following
The Following features TV's most inept FBI agents. The decisions they make are so bad it almost makes you want to root for the villains - and by villains I mean the twins, who are legitimately creepy and the saving grace of season 2. Joe and Lilly are about as good at being bad guys as Ryan is at being a cop. The plot twists are ridiculous (honestly, who actually thought Claire was dead?) and I groaned when Ryan and Joe all of a sudden joined forces. The Following is by no means a good show, but it is at least fun to make fun of while you watch.

5. Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant/any and all varieties of the same. Instead of helping these moms find legitimately solid futures via their earnings from appearing on the show, MTV turned them into reality TV trainwrecks and shows blatant disregard for the children (teen moms included) caught up in their quest for ratings. -- Miranda Wicker

6. Girls

Girls - As season 4 is about to start, I find myself asking Why? Although the HBO series continues to garner critical acclaim, watching it makes me cringe. Who are these young woman who wander through NYC as slackers who can barely manage to pay the rent without hitting up mommy and daddy for money? These "Girls" seem more interested in whining than actually working on their careers or futures. Even the men in their lives (if you can call them that) are mostly creepy, losers who deserve to be sent packing. Girls is the show that manages to give hipsters a bad name. -- Christine Orlando

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