The Best of 2014: Romances!

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These are the TV Fanatic staff picks for best romances of 2014!

1. Jo and Alex -- Grey's Anatomy

Jo and Alex -- Grey's Anatomy
Jolex from Grey's Anatomy! Seriously, I can feel my heart melt every time those two are on the screen. I can't wait until Alex proposes again for real!

2. Adam and Kristina -- Parenthood

Adam and Kristina -- Parenthood
I'm going to go with Adam and Kristina Braverman. The couple has had their share of ups and downs, most recently with Kristina's battle with cancer, but they always find time for the other to vent, feel sexy, and throw eggs when necessary.

3. Kevin and Jenny -- Castle

Kevin and Jenny -- Castle
Kevin and Jenny Ryan, Castle. Ryan and his wife Jenny have faced their battles, including difficulty conceiving a child and facing one of Ryan's past romantic entanglements. But one of their most emotional, tear-jerking moments came in Castle Season 6 Episode 11, when Ryan and his partner Esposito were trapped in a burning building with little to no hope of escape. Ryan managed to exchange a heart-wrenching phone call with his wife, who was in labor. Everything is made that much sweeter when Ryan and Espo are rescued at the last minute, and Jenny is able to tearfully introduce her husband to his new baby daughter, Sarah Grace.

4. Caroline and Stefan -- The Vampire Diaries

Caroline and Stefan -- The Vampire Diaries
It might not be a full-fledged romance just yet, but the slow burn is enough to whet the appetite. After all this time, it's refreshing to think Stefan might finally move on from Elena and fall in love with someone else, especially someone as feisty as Caroline. Their growing friendship has always been one of the best parts of TVD and to finally see that transition into more would be quite satisfying.

5. Olivia Pope and... Olivia Pope -- Scandal

Olivia Pope and... Olivia Pope -- Scandal
Oliva Pope and...Olivia Pope! In the mid-season finale she pulled the ultimate Kelly Taylor move of Beverly Hills 90210 and chose herself. She wants Vermont with Fitz and to stand in the sun with Jake and she's not going to make herself choose right now. So us spoiled viewers can watch both romances play out!

6. Mindy and Danny -- The Mindy Project

Mindy and Danny -- The Mindy Project
Mindy and Danny -- After 2 seasons of sexual tensions an Aaliyah secret santa dance and finally a kiss on the plane back from Cali, Danny and Mindy have made it official. It hasn't always been easy with Danny's inappropriately close relationship his mother and OCD issues paired with Mindy's total disregard for boundaries and high maintenance tendencies, but man have they made it worth it. Perfect blend of comedic drama and love. Danny writing Mindy a recommendation for the fellowship was the icing on the cake.

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