The Best of 2014: Character Exit

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These character exits have been chosen by the TV Fanatic staff as some of the best in 2014.

1. Sara Lance/Canary -- Arrow

Sara Lance/Canary -- Arrow
College student-turned-assassin Sara Lance stood by Oliver and his fellow heroes when they saved Starling City from Slade Wilson and his Mirakuru-enhanced army at the end of Arrow Season 2. So it shocked pretty much everyone when the Canary was abruptly and brutally murdered in the closing moments of the Season 3 premiere. Sara's death and the mystery of her killer's identity haunted the first half of Season 3, inspiring her sister Laurel's quest for justice "outside the courtroom" and leading up to Oliver's own apparent death during a duel with Ra's al-Ghul himself in Season 3 Episode 9, the mid-season finale.

2. Will Gardner -- The Good Wife

Will Gardner -- The Good Wife
The Good Wife shocked fans and critics when they suddenly killed off Will Gardner. Will was a brilliant lawyer and an on-again/off-again lover to Alicia Florrick. His death was both heartbreaking and intriguing all at once. Heartbreaking because his death meant the end of his romance with Alicia and the possibility of them ending up together. Intriguing because his death opened up a whole new chapter for the show.The characters closest to him had to learn how to move forward without him. His exit was beautifully crafted, but his presence is definitely missed.

3. Allison Argent -- Teen Wolf

Allison Argent -- Teen Wolf
The death of Allison Argent on Teen Wolf was not only completely unexpected, but beautifully written. She went out fighting to save her friends, in the arms of her first love, Scott McCall. Her exit changed things forever in Beacon Hills. She was an original member of Scott's pack even though she was a hunter, as well as Lydia's BFF. Her loss made her friends realized how easily they could go and many lost their way, including her father.

4. Zoe Barnes -- House of Cards

Zoe Barnes -- House of Cards
In shocking fashion, Zoe Barnes got in a little too deep with Francis Underwood and it cost her her life on a subway platform.

5. Gemma Teller -- Sons of Anarchy

Gemma Teller -- Sons of Anarchy
Honestly it's hard not to just choose all of Sons of Anarchy's season 7 deaths. I guess on that note I'll go with the matriarch- Gemma Teller. She knew it was coming, she deserved way worse, but it was still really well done. She said goodbye to everything and everyone and waited in her parents' home going through old photos and old music. Then she was allowed to die in a place that was peaceful for her: the rose garden.

6. Neal Cassidy -- Once Upon a Time

Neal Cassidy -- Once Upon a Time
It was said that a Once Upon A Time character would die and many predicted who it would be. But, to have Neal die with his longtime love and father nearby was heartbreaking, yet a perfect goodbye. Throughout the episode, he had closure with characters he was close to (minus his son, that still hurts), so it was obvious the end was near for the son of Rumplestiltskin. Even after he died, Michael Raymond-James' character said goodbye two more times in flashback scenes to help with find Emma, his first date with her and is now forever immortalized in Snow and Charming's son.

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