The Best of 2014: Best Comedy

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This list is the best comedies of 2014 according to TV Fanatic staff.

1. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project makes me laugh out loud in a way that I haven't in years from a TV show. It's smart, witty, plugged into pop culture, and has a strong cast of characters. Why it hasn't been nominated is beyond me! -- Leigh Raines

2. Archer: Vice

Archer: Vice
If there was any debate over whether "Archer" was one of the most ambitious comedies on television, the case was closed with Archer: Vice in which the group suddenly went from being a spy-for-hire agency to a band of outlaw cocaine dealers. What was even more brilliant here was that there wasn't much change at all: The gang is the same dysfunctional family whichever side of the law they're on. The humor will always be based on the rapport between the characters and the familiarity among this group is so strong that watching the gang formerly known as ISIS take a trip the laundromaut would be worth watching. -- Orrin Konheim

3. Cristela

While Cristela is not getting as much recognition as the other Latina lead series that debuted this fall, it still deserves a mention. The show is created, written, produced and starring Mexican comedian Cristela Alonzo, a first for network TV. It is also one of the few shows with a predominately Latino cast. But this show isn't just noteworthy for ita racial makeup. It's also pretty funny. Cristela Alonzo stars as Cristela, a six year law student who has had numerous interruptions in her education because of her familial obligations. The show pokes fun at Latino stereotypes, families and the legal profession. If one comedian weren't enough, Gabriel Iglesias is also a part of the cast. He's made a name for himself in the comedy world and he adds an interesting twist as a suitor for Cristela. She does not return his romantic affections but does consider him a friend. While some argue that the show only reinforces stereotypes, I wholeheartedly disagree. Even as 2014 comes to close, another show with a Latina cast has them as maids while Cristela is a career woman in the making. The show is definitely worth a watch and you won't be able to stop watching when you do. -- Ariana Guzman

4. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation is one of the most consistently sweet and funny comedies on TV. Every single member of the incredibly talented cast brings something special to the table and their chemistry can't be beat. 2014 gave us the heartbreaking departures of Ann and Chris, a pregnancy for Leslie and Ben, and a game changing three year time jump in the season finale. Though it's been on for six seasons, Parks and Rec is still must-see TV for me and though I'm sad it's ending, I'm thankful it is getting the chance to go out on a high note. My one wish would be for Amy Poehler to finally be recognized with a long overdue Emmy win! -- Stacy Glanzman

5. The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs
I have to go with The Goldbergs! This is a show that is consistently hilarious; yet it is also extremely heartwarming. It really has the feel of Modern Family but with an 80's twist; how can you resist! -- Samantha McAllister

6. The League

The League
The League for me is always laugh out loud funny. It's not just about fantasy football but the crazy (and often over-the-top) antics of the characters during their everyday lives. There's great banter, chemistry and writing. I can never get enough of the show, the gang, or the Shiva, and I'm always looking forward to the wild escapades and sports cameos that grace the series. -- Sean McKenna

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