11 Funniest Moments From Nick Viall’s Season Of The Bachelor

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7. Shotgun bride

Shotgun bride
I don’t know what made us laugh harder, Alexis thinking a “shotgun bride” was just a bride with a gun, or seeing her rock her fake baby bump.

8. The Infamous Boob Touch

The Infamous Boob Touch
Corinne has said A LOT of things during this season of The Bachelor, but one of her best moments was when she started to fall for Nick after the wedding photoshoot group date because he touched her boobs like “no one ever will.” Whatever you say, Corn.

9. Voodoo Doll

 Voodoo Doll
This year’s two-on-one date wasn’t as rough as seasons past (see Ashley I and Kelsey or Olivia and Emily), but seeing Taylor left with the voodoo priestess after Corinne used a voodoo doll was LOL-worthy.

10. Volleyball Game From Hell

Volleyball Game From Hell
On the volleyball group date, all of the women ended up crying. Whether it was because Nick wasn’t giving them enough attention or because they were just so sick of being on film, it was great entertainment for everybody at home.

11. Take Me To Church

Take Me To Church
I’m 99% sure this was not supposed to be funny, but seeing Nick at church with Rachel was so awkward you couldn’t help but laugh.

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