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A season that started off strong, quickly got shaky, and then pulled it all together in the end: that's what The 100 Season 3 was.

The show notoriously deals in complex themes, and clearly the showrunners had plenty of lofty ideas in mind when they plotted out the course of this season. Unfortunately, there was simply not enough screentime to successfully pull it all off.

Despite all that, given the HUGE twist revealed by ALIE in the final moments of the season, we're really looking forward to The 100 Season 4.

In honor of the recent airing of The 100 Season 3 Finale, we're taking a look back at the season's best and worst episodes, best and worst new characters, best first kiss, and more!

Check out our picks below and be sure to weigh in by leaving us a comment with your thoughts.

1. Best Episode

Best Episode
This season wasn't the smoothest (what with the ludicrous Bellamy/Pike arc) but it managed to pull everything together in the end. "Perverse Instantiation - Part Two," the second part of the two-part finale, was an excellent, exciting, and emotional hour. It was filled with tension, drama, and much needed reunions. Best of all, the whole team worked together to help Clarke save everyone from ALIE.

2. Worst Episode

Worst Episode
There's just so much that was terrible about "Fallen." Bellamy finally deciding to turn on Pike was much needed, but that was about the only real highlight. In the aftermath of Lincoln's horrible death, Octavia viciously beat her brother and was fully prepared to turn him over to Pike. Ontari coerced sex out of Murphy -- an act of rape -- and the scene downplayed that fact VERY weirdly. Raven, under ALIE's control, cut her wrists, forcing Abby to take the chip and become an ALIE minion. And Clarke, our protagonist, was completely absent for all of this, save the last two minutes. It was the weakest of the season, by far.

3. Best New Character

Best New Character
This was a tough one. In the end, Roan gets the Best New Character designation simply because we almost know Luna TOO well after her brief appearance. Roan, on the other hand, remains enigmatic. For that reason, he's the one new character we definitely need to see more of in season 4. Fingers crossed he's not dead!

4. Worst New Character

Worst New Character
Ugh, Pike. His complete lack of nuance and his prejudice against all Grounders was aggravating and badly developed. As terrible as it will be to watch Octavia struggle with her actions, seeing her kill Pike was actually pretty cathartic -- despite the fact that Mike Beach totally brought his A game to this role.

5. Season 3 MVP

Season 3 MVP
Raven Reyes has endured some of the worst pain and trauma of anyone in the series. She lost Finn to Clarke (first figuratively, then literally). She was shot by Murphy and permanently disabled. She struggled with depression in the aftermath of her disability. Then, she was used by ALIE in terrible, demoralizing, and dangerous ways. Yet, Raven managed to come out the other side of it all, once again, fighting through ALIE's influence and eventually playing a key role in the AI's destruction during the finale. Raven Reyes, we love you.

6. Most Heartbreaking Death (TIE)

Most Heartbreaking Death (TIE)
This one was too close to call. Lincoln was an amazing character, one established very near the beginning of the series. He'd been around the delinquents for a while and became one of their own in due course. To see him struggle all season with the prejudice that certain Sky People at Arkadia felt towards Grounders, only to then die at Pike's hand for that very reason, was too much. Gunshot to the head while kneeling in the mud? That was the worst.

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The 100 Quotes

Lexa: My fight is over.
Clarke: No, I won't accept that.
Lexa: You were right, Clarke. Life is about more than just surviving.
Clarke: In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey on the ground... May we meet again.

Here we go again. Bellamy, if you can hear me, if you're alive, it's been 2,199 days since Praimfaya. I don't know why I still do this every day. Maybe it's my way of staying sane, not forgetting who I am. Who I was. It's been safe for you to come down for over a year now. Why haven't you? The bunker's gone silent, too. We tried to get them out for awhile, but there was too much rubble. I haven't made contact with them either. Anyway, I still have hope. Tell Raven to aim for the one spot of green, and you'll find me. The rest of the planet from what I've seen basically sucks, so... Never mind. I see you.