Teen Wolf: Top 11 Episodes EVER

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We've been through a lot with Scott McCall and his pack over the past six seasons.

We've watched Scott go from newbie werewolf to a badass true alpha. Lydia went from playing it dumb to owning her intelligence and her badass banshee skills. People in the pack have come and gone, but somehow Beacon Hills has continued to be a magnet for all sorts of supernatural chaos.

In order to celebrate six seasons of Teen Wolf, we've picked our top eleven episodes. Check out our picks, listed in chronological order, and be sure to leave your picks in the comments below!

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1. Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 9 "Wolf's Bane"

Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 9 "Wolf's Bane"
Ah, season one fun times. Derek had to hide out in Stile’s room and attempt to wear his shirt – “it no fit.” This was the moment fell in love with these guys.

2. Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 6 "Frenemy"

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 6 "Frenemy"
Kidnapping a naked Jackson was never Scott and Stiles’ plan, but that’s what happened, and man was it highly entertaining. Plus, this episode gifted us with this amazing Stiles line: “I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense.”

3. Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 9 "Party Guessed"

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 9 "Party Guessed"
Lydia’s birthday party brought all the fun and also some painful hallucinations, like Stiles seeing the Sheriff drunk after his mom’s funeral. Once we recovered from that, we were hit with Allison learning that her mother had died.

4. Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 "Motel California"

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 "Motel California"
Aside from the badassness that is Stiles, Lydia, and Allison teaming up, “Motel California” delivered an amazing Sciles moment. Stiles put himself in harm’s way to get through to Scott. Stiles: “Scott you’re my best friend, and I need you. Scott, you’re my brother.” I’m fine, I promise.

5. Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 12 "Lunar Ellipse"

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 12 "Lunar Ellipse"
The sacrifice Allison, Scott, and Stiles made for their parents is touching, and it has some pretty intense repercussions, which brought out the best in the show. “Lunar Ellipse” also features the badass moment of Scott becoming a True Alpha, which set him on quite a journey.

6. Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 16 "Illuminated"

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 16 "Illuminated"
This kicks off our tribute to season 3B of Teen Wolf, which is definitely the best run of the show. The pack finally got to have some fun! Isaac wanted to paint everyone’s bodies. Derek was adorable kicking people out and scaring trick or treaters. We also got a glimpse of Kira and her fox flames.

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Theo: I still need to graduate.
Stiles: No what you need is to be beaten, severely, with a lead pipe wrapped in barbed wire.
Theo: Hey hey, I admit that mistakes were made.
Stiles: Murders, some murders were made.

It's OK. It's OK, it's OK. It's OK, it's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall.