Supernatural vs. Lucifer: A Satanic Showdown!

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Lucifer on Supernatural has been around a lot longer than Lucifer on Fox, but while Supernatural only features their devil from time to time, Lucifer on Fox is all about the devil all the time.

It may seem like the two having nothing in common, but they actually are quite similar.

They both dance and sing. They both killed their brother. And they both have shown off their evil red eyes.

But which one does it better?

Check out our list and let us know which devil you prefer!

And if you haven't seen either devil (shame on you!) you can watch Lucifer online or watch Supernatural online to see the difference!

1. Demonic Eyes

Demonic Eyes
Even with his red eyes, Fox's Lucifer doesn't look all that scary. This prize goes to Supernatural's Lucifer who looks absolutely frightening in his new rock star vessel. Just look at that sneer.

2. Dancing Kings

Dancing Kings
Both Lucifers really know how to bust a move, but Supernatural's Lucifer won this contest since he doesn't need a partner to get his groove on.

3. Super Strength

Super Strength
Both Lucifers have the chokehold down pat even if they are using it for different reasons. When it comes to Chloe, Lucifer's anger knows no bounds. Supernatural's Lucifer is angry because he's locked in the cage, but he's got Dean right where he wants Sam's sight. This one's a tie.

4. The Voice

The Voice
This is a runaway win for Lucifer on Fox. Lucifer not only sings, but he plays the piano too...a complete package. We don't think Supernatural's Lucifer cares too much about his singing quality. His only goal is to annoy Sam...and he succeeds.

5. Face Off

Face Off
We've never really seen Supernatural Lucifer's true form. We've seen him decay and switch vessels, but what really lurks under that meat suit we'll never know. Fox's Lucifer has been much more forthcoming when showing his true form whether it's revealing himself to the bad guy or to Dr. Linda, Lucifer isn't afraid. Lucifer on Fox wins this Face Off.

6. The Satanic Party

The Satanic Party
Both Lucifer on Fox and Supernatural's Lucifer crashed a Satanic party. While Lucifer on Fox was offended by what the cult was doing, Supernatural's Lucifer loved the ceremony because it gave him the opportunity to return to Earth and fix his body. We'd expect the Devil to delight in worship so this one goes to Supernatural.

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