Supernatural: 21 of Sam and Dean's Most Frightening Foes

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There are family businesses and then there are family businesses.

In Sam and Dean's case, their family business consists of "saving people and hunting things."

And as we've seen over the course of 14 seasons, some of these "things" are pretty darn nasty.

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From demons to nightmarish creatures full of teeth to even Death himself, here are 21 of Sam and Dean's most frightening foes.

We've excluded some of the more popular and well-known ones like Lucifer, Eve, Azazel and others because every monster (or demon) deserves their due.

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Which of Sam and Dean's foes do you think was the most frightening? Which ones should have been on this list?

Click through the list below and let us know in the comments!

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1. Changelings

Dean only wanted to visit his old girlfriend Lisa but he and Sam ended up facing some terrifying kids who literally ended up being little monsters. One of the moms tried to take matters into her own hands, but not even an attempted drowning could kill her changeling child who was waiting for her when she got home. Sam and Dean eventually found and torched Mama changeling, saving the real kids in the process, but the nightmare of what they faced will stay with them forever.

2. The Djinn

The Djinn
Dean was living the perfect life when he found himself under the Djinn's spell. He had a beautiful wife, a job, and his mom was alive, but his fantasy was actually a nightmare. The Djinn was killing Dean by feeding on his blood, but Sam saved him in the nick of time.

3. Rakshasa

Everybody loves a clown -- except for Sam. Yet, he had to face his worst nightmare when this clown terrorized a small town by appearing to children who let them into their houses and then killed their parents. The brothers joined the carnival to track down the spirit eventually killing it with a brass organ piece sending it into clown hell where it could sleep on dead insects for eternity.

4. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary
One of the scariest sleepover games from our childhoods came to life for Sam and Dean when they faced the violent spirit on one of their very first hunts. Bloody Mary wasn't playing games when she went after people who were harboring horrible secrets, and she's the perfect reason for keeping mirrors in the house at a minimum!

5. Alastair

Sam and Dean have faced many demons in their lives but none have been as brutal as Alastair. He was Hell's most gruesome torturer which Dean, unfortunately, experienced firsthand.

6. Sirens

Beware of beautiful women -- especially when they're sirens in disguise. Sam and Dean came face-to-face with the mythical creatures almost destroying each other in the process until Bobby arrived and broke them out of their spell.

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