Supergirl Midseason Report Card: Best Throwback, Worst Character, and More!

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7. Most Heartwarming Family Reunion

Most Heartwarming Family Reunion
J'onn's reunion with his father on Mars was easily one of the most heartwarming aspects of Supergirl Season 3 so far. While we haven't actually gotten to see them together as much as we'd like yet, we're loving the few scenes we have gotten of them. We especially loved J'onn introducing M'yrnn to hot chocolate! We can't wait for more moments like these in the second half of the season.

8. Worst Character

Worst Character
Does anybody actually like Morgan Edge? He's completely unnecessary to the story, and just shows up periodically to be a thorn in Lena's side. He's more of a nuisance than a villain, and a character we could just as easily do without. He feels like an attempt to recreate Max Lord's character, but with much less charisma.

9. Best Use of Music

Best Use of Music
The Supergirl versus Reign fight scene was EPIC, but the best part might have been when they crashed through an office Christmas Party with "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" playing in the background. There was just something so funny about the upbeat song playing during such an intense moment.

10. Couple We're Unsure About

Couple We're Unsure About
The jury is still out on James and Lena. There's potential for this relationship, but so far it's too early to tell if we like them together. We do like that the writers are finally giving James something to do. The guy needs a decent story line, but time will tell if this is it.

11. Best Throwback

Best Throwback
The crossover gave us plenty of throwbacks to past episodes, but our favorite was when Barry asked Kara to sing at his and Iris' wedding. Thanks to the musical crossover, he knew about her non-superhero talents, and called upon them to ask her to sing "Running Home to You," the song he used to propose. Despite the fact that the wedding was interrupted, it made for a sweet moment.

12. Friends We Wish Were Ours

Friends We Wish Were Ours
One aspect of Supergirl Season 3 we are absolutely loving is the growing friendship between Kara, Sam, Lena, and to a lesser extent, Alex. The girls nights complete with wine and conversation have really helped Kara deal with the loss of Mon-El, and those scenes have been the happiest we've seen her. Of course with Sam becoming Reign, we're worried about the future of this friendship, but we hope it all somehow works out in the end.

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