Stranger Things: 13 Times Steve Harrington Was The Perfect Internet Boyfriend

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The internet world is very thankful that Stranger Things gave them Steve Harrington. And it was rough going at first, with Season 1 offering a vastly different version of what we have come to know of the character. 

But that was necessary during the search for character development and change.

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Steve needed to be flawed so he could learn from those mistakes, and make everyone fall in love with him in the process. 

Stranger Things Season 2 in exchange gave us Steve in the role of a lifetime, the group mother.

He was caring, and he was present for the kids, taking their worries seriously and defending them any way he could.

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So it isn't a surprise that Steve then managed to become the internet's boyfriend, a universal fan favorite character from Stranger Things. 

And with Stranger Things Season 3 coming back this July, it seemed like the perfect time to take that walk down memory road with our new favorite TV boyfriend. 


1. Longing Looks

Longing Looks
Everyone dreams of having someone look at them the way that Steve looked at Nancy during the dance. They may be broken up, but that doesn't mean the internet can't enjoy the soft looks Steve still offers.

2. All the Pain

All the Pain
This was a really rough scene, and yet it was still perfect because of the added heartbreak. Joe Keery played this extremely well, specifically the way he gave Steve an extra layer of emotion to struggle with during Stranger Things Season 2. It was painful to watch but also so good because it made the internet want to protect Steve more.

3. Joining the Mother Ranks

Joining the Mother Ranks
At this point, Steve is the unofficial mother of the group, one of two that actually knows what is going on at Hawkins. It was the best direction to take Steve in after his development from Stranger Things Season 1. And who doesn't love a guy who is good with kids?

4. Mall Adventures

Mall Adventures
We only got a small glimpse of Stranger Things Season 3, and so far Steve lives up to his hype once again. He got a job at the mall, and he is still hanging out with the kids from the looks of it. It is lovely to see that he actually cares about them and even offers Dustin a big brother that he doesn't have but needs.

5. Punching the Villian

Punching the Villian
Billy is a racist and abusive asshole, and Steve is our knight in shining armor for putting him in his place. The way he got into a fight, willing to take a beating so that Max and the kids wouldn't is the sign of a true hero in the internet's eyes. He is loved and he is appreciated for how much he proved that he changed from his Season 1 persona.

6. Roses and All the Adorable Feels

Roses and All the Adorable Feels
Steve wasn't actually at fault for the fight he had with Nancy, especially since it came from her telling him that she doesn't love him. But like a good boyfriend, he got her flowers and was trying to apologize anyway. It is these kinds of gestures that guarantee him a spot as the internet's next boyfriend.

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