Stranger Things: 13 Questions That MUST Be Answered in Season 2!!

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7. Is Eleven's Mother Terry Ives?

Is Eleven's Mother Terry Ives?
We are introduced to the unresponsive Terry back in Chapter 3. Terry's sister explains that Terry underwent experimental drugs while she was pregnant, but she miscarried. It is believed that Dr. Brenner actually took Terry's baby, Jane, for his own use. Whether Jane survived is anyone's guess, but there's a good chance that Jane is actually Eleven, trying to get back to her family.

8. Are There More Monsters?

Are There More Monsters?
Eleven vanquished the demogorgan will all her powers while trying to save her friends. But, was the demogorgan alone? Are there even more scarier creatures lurking in the dark? The monster exploded, but that doesn't mean it's gone for good.

9. Will Hopper Get Some Help In Town?

Will Hopper Get Some Help In Town?
This determined Chief of Police seems to be the only semi-competent authority figure in town. Jim Hopper was last seen getting picked up in a black car, being taken to an undisclosed location. Does Hopper have some new job duties, curtesy of the government? With all the "Bad Men" gone, maybe Hopper will serve as a bridge between the government and the town.

10. Did Brenner Survive?

Did Brenner Survive?
The good doctor was responsible for a lot of pain. He essentially tortured Eleven, all in the name of "Science." Dr. Brenner was last seen being attacked by the demogorgan, but there is no indication of whether he survived. Maybe the paranormal activity chaser will pop up in the future to offer insight into the complexities of the Upside-Down.

11. Will Nancy and Jonathan Get A Chance?

Will Nancy and Jonathan Get A Chance?
There is clearly some chemistry between Nancy and Jonathan, but Nancy decided to continue her relationship with Steve. Steve redeemed himself at the end of the season, and the three ended off as friends. But, these are high-school teenagers. Hormones and angst will eventually take over, and this friendly trio may become a love triangle.

12. Will Joyce Return To Normal?

Will Joyce Return To Normal?
Joyce Byers is the best mom EVER! She never backed down in trying to find her son, even when she was presented with a fake corpse of his body. Joyce spent all her energy into searching for will, but what happens now that she has him back? Joyce has got to be coming off a high, with a crash not far behind. She'll have to deal with a clearly traumatized Will, while attempting to rebuild her life (and hopefully her home).

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