Stranger Things: 13 Questions That MUST Be Answered in Season 2!!

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With Netflix gearing up for Stranger Things Season 2, viewers of the show know that Stranger Things Season 1 left a few mysteries unsolved. 

The 1980s town of Hawkins, Indiana experienced more than its fair share of paranormal activity. But some moments from last season were either confusing or left the door open for more intrigue.

Check out a few fun questions that we hope will be answered in the upcoming chapter of the series.

1. Does Anybody Care About Barb?

Does Anybody Care About Barb?
Why is no one from Barb's family looking for her? We last see Nancy's best friend in the Upside-Down, with a slug emanating from her mouth. It appears that Barb is dead, but who knows? Her body has not been returned, and her mother doesn't seem the least bit concerned. Maybe Barb needs a mom like Joyce on her side.

2. What's Up With Will?

What's Up With Will?
In the last episode of the first season, Will has a sort of short-circuit where he travels back to the Upside-Down, while simultaneously being in his home's bathroom. The events of last season seem to have changed him, but what exactly happened? Is he still in danger somehow? Can he open portals? Hopefully, Season 2 lets us know.

3. What About Dustin, Mike and Lucus?

What About Dustin, Mike and Lucus?
The three amigos spent most of their time searching for the missing Will. Now that Will has returned, the dynamic between the friends is sure to change some. Are they going to keep the Upside-Down a secret, or are they going to go searching for more answers? They seem fine, but after almost dying a few times, the boys have to be experiencing some type of PTSD. Surely the paranormal is not done messing with these bike-riding pals.

4. Remember the Christmas Lights

Remember the Christmas Lights
When Joyce strung up Christmas lights all around her house, everyone thought she had officially gone cookoo. But, the plan worked. When other forms of communication with Will quickly burst into flames, the Christmas lights stayed true. Joyce eventually took them down, but one wonders if Mike will use the trick in a quest to contact Eleven on the other side.

5. Will There Be New "Bad Men"?

Will There Be New "Bad Men"?
The demogorgon and Eleven virtually wiped out all of the "Bad Men," but will there be more to take their place? The government seemed to take a lot of precautions to protect their investment and keep their secrets. Clearly, they couldn't just leave the town alone. Especially now that a portal to another dimension is left wide open.

6. Will The Team Return to the Upside-Down?

Will The Team Return to the Upside-Down?
From last season, it appears that the cold and dark alternate dimension which housed the demonic creature was an exact copy of the exisiting town of Hawkins. From that logic, one could conclude that the Upside-Down extends to the entire planet. Will the kids find themselves travelling outside of Hawkins and still being transported to terrible place? With Will's new powers, who knows?

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