Sense8: 75 Sense8tional Moments from the Series Finale!

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You don't have to let go just yet, Sense8 fanatics! 

The Sense8 finale event was dropped on Netflix and had fans laughing, crying, and basking in this quirky, earnest, whimsical series that we all know and love. 

It was messy, sporadic, ridiculous, and magical. With only two and a half hours to wrap this larger than life series up and give the fans the closure they rallied for,  and a dedicated cast and crew as devoted to the fans as the fans are to them, the end result was utterly insane, but also utterly perfect. 

So, grab your cluster, put on some 4 Non Blondes, and join us as we recall the best moments from the Sense8 special in no particular order.

Who are we kidding? Every moment was a great moment!

What were your favorite moments? Hit the comments below! 

1. Nomanita Wedding!

Nomanita Wedding!
The show may have been canceled because of the expenses, but dammit, the finale went out with a bang. The Eiffel Tower was shut down so Nomanita could have the wedding of their dreams in front of their family and friends. Fireworks went off in the city of Love for them. It was spectacular!

2. Mindblown

Rajan had an understandable reaction when everyone finally filled him in on what the hell was going on. Would your face look any different if you found out your wife shared something beyond a telepathic bond with seven other people around the world and that one of those people, whom she's in love with, was in deadly trouble and needed to be rescued from a nefarious organization? I doubt it.

3. Capheus Got Moves

Capheus Got Moves
Capheus is the ray of freaking sunshine in this entire cluster and no one can say otherwise. Eternally optimistic, inspirational, and upbeat he always puts a smile on your face when you see him. Capheus getting his groove on while spraypainting a van for their rescue mission was the most adorable, funniest scene of the finale, especially since he was tragically underused throughout.

4. Dani Got Skills

Dani Got Skills
With all of their heavy-hitters and gun-toters preoccupied or MIA, someone experienced needed to wield a weapon when Amanita went to check on Whispers. Fortunately, Dani has acquired a particular skill-set due to dating one too many "assholes" and didn't mind putting them to use. It was one of many badass and impressive Dani scenes of the finale.

5. Caffeine First

Caffeine First
A girl can save the world just as soon as she finishes her coffee. Nomi is always high in demand being the only hacker sensate, and the others often expect her to work miracles at the snap of a finger. Mama's a well-oiled machine that needs fuel, though, and nothing will get done until she has her coffee. I'm sure many could relate to this line.

6. Party Hard

Party Hard
The best thing about this particular jam session is that Riley didn't forget about all of their allies and loved ones who were of the homo sapien equation. She shared the wealth and made it so that all of them could join in on the singing and dancing too. The bus became a full-on party bus. It's not nearly as iconic as their "What's Going On" global karaoke palooza, but it did the trick.

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