SEAL Team Midseason Report Card: Scariest Mission, Most Annoying Character & More!

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With nine episodes of SEAL Team Season 1 in the books, there is a lot to talk about.

The Bravo Team went on some dangerous missions, battling terrorists, rescuing hostages, and putting their lives on the line for their country. They also dealt with issues on the home front, struggling with family matters and relationship problems. Meanwhile, Clay completed his Tier One training and became the newest member of Bravo Team.

Below you can check out our midseason breakdown of some of the best and worst of Seal Team Season 1 so far! Let us know if you agree or disagree!

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1. Scariest Mission: South Sudan

Scariest Mission: South Sudan
In this intense mission, Bravo Team was tasked with evacuating Americans from Sudan in the midst of a political uprising. The SEALs had to contend not only with angry mobs and corrupt local military, but also with the creepy US ambassador who puts everybody's life at risk. The climactic scene where Ray, Lisa and an injured journalist narrowly escape through the back of the embassy as the mob rushes through the front gate had us on the edge of our seats!

2. Character Who Grew The Most: Clay

Character Who Grew The Most: Clay
Clay has definitely changed for the better over the first nine episodes of the season. He has done a good job of transforming from an arrogant tool into a valued team member, though he still has room for improvement. Clay seems to have moved beyond the issues with his father that were holding him back, while Brian's advice helped him mature and accept the SEALs as his new family.

3. Most Daring Hostage Rescue: Boarding Party

Most Daring Hostage Rescue: Boarding Party
When scientists from a research ship are taken hostage in the South China Sea, the SEALs had to act quickly to save them before they were sold to terrorists. The situation looked grim when a pirate barricaded himself in a room using a hostage as a human shield. Jason saved the day by lowering himself down the outside of the ship and, suspended in midair, shot the pirate through a window. The SEALs were finally able to lead the hostages to safety as the tense standoff came to an end.

4. Saddest Moment: Brian's Death

Saddest Moment: Brian's Death
Brian was like a big brother to Clay in many ways, really his only friend on Green Team. They formed a strong bond and Brian was a big help to Clay as they went through training together,offering good advice and guidance along the way. It was gut-wrenching to watch him plummet to the ground when his parachute didn't open, and Clay and the other SEALs could only look on in horror.

5. Couple We're Not Sure About #1: Jason and Alana

Couple We're Not Sure About #1: Jason and Alana
They could still mend their broken marriage, but at this point their chances don't look too good. The way the Fall finale ended, with Jason deciding not to call Alana and taking his ring off, does not bode well for their future. He obviously wants to be with her, but the issues that caused her to leave - him being gone all the time and not talking enough about his feelings - are not likely to change, so this relationship looks like it's in serious trouble.

6. Couple We're Not Sure About #2: Clay and Stella

Couple We're Not Sure About #2: Clay and Stella
They are a happy couple right now, but it remains to be seen if Clay and Stella's relationship can stand the test of time. Stella was hit with a dose of reality when Clay's neighbor explained what it was like to be the wife or girlfriend of a SEAL. Hearing about the time apart, mental health issues, and physical injuries that could could affect their relationship clearly scared Stella. She will have to decide if those are things she could deal with on a daily basis.

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