RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3: 9 Favorite Moments From "The B*tchelor"

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3. "G-M-Oh No You Betta Don't!"

"G-M-Oh No You Betta Don't!"
I look forward to the runways because the witty one-liners that the judges come up with are normally always funny. However, the second when Shangela walked onto the runway in a corn drerss (yes, a corn dress!), the judges were on fire with their quips. Michelle Visage killed it with her GMO gag.

2. Kennedy Doesn't Need To Talk

Kennedy Doesn't Need To Talk
Normally, the Top 2 queens will take the bottom queens aside and let them make a case for why they should stay. Sometimes a queen does refuse. In this case, Kennedy outright refused to speak to any of the bottom queens because she wanted to internalize and decide it on her own. What makes this moment amazing was the collective thought we as viewers experienced as this happened: "Of couse she didn't need to speak to anyone, she's sending Milk home!" And, of course, she did. Milk shouldn't have acted spoiled and badmouthed Kennedy.

1. Cougar On The Prowl

Cougar On The Prowl
Ben DeLaCreme is back in the top spot for another week due to another parody portrayal. Her turn as the desperate and sexual cougar brought all of the laughs; she went for it and stole the show from her partner BeBe. She killed it in her role and earned an easy Top 2 spot. Though, Ben needs to be careful because this is the third time she's won a top spot.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3 Episode 3: "The B*tchelor"
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