Riverdale Photos from "Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club"

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7. Future Fling

Future Fling
Young Hermione and Fred don't realize this, but in the future, they're going to have a secret affair that will cause some major trouble. Who knew their flirtation would span decades.

8. Snack

Then again, the past looks steamier than we initially realized! A younger Hermione and FP are getting a bit cozy next to the vending machine. Based on their adult relationships, this flirtation is surprising, to say the least.

9. Unlikely Pair

Unlikely Pair
The same goes for Fred and Alice. Just like their friends Hermione and FP, young Alice and Fred are flirting plenty in the classroom. Is this romance something to expect from the past?

10. Wasting Time

Wasting Time
A lot of shenanigans are going on in detention, but Penelope is not having any of it. She's focusing her time and energy on her homework. You can feel the cold shoulder she's giving Fred right now!

11. Don't Open The Box

Don't Open The Box
The gang has discovered a mysterious white box in their classroom. Could this be how they found Gryphons and Gargoyles?

12. Wishmaker

A young Sierra, Penelope, and Hermione look stunned after a big development at their high school. Could this have something to do with the board game?

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4: "Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club"
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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Veronica: Newsflash, Mom: banning something only makes it more interesting
[Veronica hands Betty a mug]
Betty: Thank you.
Veronica: Now this stupid game is literally all anyone is talking about.
Betty: You’re not playing are you, V?
Veronica: B, you don’t make Vibe’s 20 under 20 by prancing around in the woods dancing in a deer carcass.

Alice: Forsyth Pendleton Jones Jr. He was the BMOC. An all-American athlete, a “stud muffin” as we used to say. He was different back then, Betty. Trying to be something different than what he was, but still trouble.
[Flashback returns to present]
Alice: I was as tough as nails, but around FP, silly putty. Even in detention with the secret growing inside me, I hated him … but I wanted him.
[Betty waves for her mom to stop]
Betty: Ugh, okay, okay, Mom. I get it.