Riverdale: Why the Adults Need Their Own Spinoff!!

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7. Or Did You Say, MILF?!

Or Did You Say, MILF?!
The split personality of the lovable and sweet, but seductive and dark, Betty Cooper may be one of the many head-scratchers of the show, but the buttoned-up suburban mom versus dark and sexy former Serpent thing Alice Cooper has going on is intriguing as all hell.

8. The REAL Power Couple of Riverdale

The REAL Power Couple of Riverdale
Archie and Veronica may be some teen version of a Power Couple in the halls of Riverdale High, but Hiram and Hermione are a Power Couple in life, thank you very much.

With Hiram's criminal past, and the Hodges having their shady dealings all over town, they could use a whole show just to figure out what the hell they're up to!

What exactly is the Lodge's family business? Why are they like a shady Morticia and Gomez Addams? Why is it so fascinating to watch?! I need more!

9. Protect Fred at ALL Costs!

Protect Fred at ALL Costs!
Kevin is the lovable, mostly drama-free character with his own issues outside of all those with the core four. He's often the one character the fandom wants to protect at all costs.

The thing is, Fred Andrews totally fits the bill for that role among the adults. As the least problematic parent, enduring financial woes, loneliness, and gunshot wounds, he's the adult you root for the most, and every show needs that little guy you want to see succeed.

10. The OG Core Four

The OG Core Four
Maybe with a spinoff, all those unanswered questions and dangling story points could be explored once and for all.

Wouldn't you love to see the original core four of Fred, FP, Hermione, and Alice become friends again? Better yet, we could finally understand their mysterious history better.

11. Mature Love Triangles?!

Mature Love Triangles?!
Hermione and Fred were a fling back in the day and briefly rekindled it in season one, but now that Hiram is back, is that all over or will love triangle situations emerge?

Was Hermione a Serpent before she became a rich socialite? Why are she and Penelope Blossom such rivals? What caused a rift between Hermione and Alice? How did Hermione and Mary Andrews manage to be such close friends?

12. Hermione the BAMF

Hermione the BAMF
Hermione is one of the most complicated characters on the show. For a season she played the dutiful wife and mother who pretended to be an innocent pawn in Hiram's business schemes when in actuality she's just as manipulative, cunning, and ruthless.

The possibility of her being fleshed out even further, along with Hiram Lodge would be spectacular.

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