Reign Photos from "Long Live the King"

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We have photos for you from Reign's upcoming episode titled "Long Live the King." Get an idea now of what's on tap.

1. Please Make it Stop

Please Make it Stop
Another priceless, and very fake, smile from Catherine as she stands at King Henry's side in "Long Live the King."

2. What Did King Henry Say?

What Did King Henry Say?
Who can wait for the cray-cray King to let it all out in "Long Live the King"?

3. Classic Queen Catherine

Classic Queen Catherine
The look on Queen Catherine's face is classic as she looks at her deranged husband in "Long Live the King."

4. The Duke of Guise Looks Skeptical

The Duke of Guise Looks Skeptical
Could the Duke of Guise look anything but skeptical when looking at crazy King Henry?

5. All Hail Me!

All Hail Me!
Crazy King Henry goes overboard in "Long Live the King," leading Catherine to make a drastic decision.

6. Francis Makes an Appeal

Francis Makes an Appeal
Francis wants a chance to appeal to his father before any steps are taken against him in "Long Live the King."

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