Pretty Little Liars Season 6B: 11 Things To Know

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Changes are coming on Pretty Little Liars Season 6B. 

Five years later and our favorite characters have went through a lot, but will they still be the people we know and love? We don't quite know that yet. 

What we do know is that a lot of the relationships have changed dramatically and not everyone is with their partner they were with when we left the high school years. 

Have a look through our slideshow for everything we know about it. 

1. Spencer Is in Washington and Probably Single

Spencer Is in Washington and Probably Single
Spencer has no time for relationships and spends most of her time in Washington to further her career. This probably means she and Toby are on the outs...

2. Still Sleuthing

Still Sleuthing
Marlene King shared this picture of Spencer and Toby indulging in some midnight sluething, so there is some hope for this power couple.

3. Alison Has a Career

Alison Has a Career
Alison is still in Rosewood, but she's a teacher. Yes, that's quite the shock. She's preparing for Charlotte to be released, but she needs the liars to return to town to help free her. Alison may also be boning Charlotte's Doctor.

4. Radley Is Back

Radley Is Back
It sure looks like Radley will be making an appearance, but as a bar this time round. How awkward must it be for Spencer to be there?

5. Hanna Has a New Man

Hanna Has a New Man
It looks like Haleb is no more. Say it ain't so! Yes, Hanna has a new man and she's also engaged, so it looks like they've been together for quite some time.

6. Aria Has a Secret

Aria Has a Secret
Aria is hiding something and it must be pretty bad if a blocked number is contacting her. Is this B?

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