Power: 19 Times Tariq Irritated Everyone

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Once upon a time a man by the name of James St Patrick had a son and that son's name was trouble. Just kidding, his name was Tariq and he was, and still is, bad news.

We can forgive Tommy, Ghost, Tasha, Kanan and everyone else who is into that life because they are products of their enviroments -- a mould Ghost and Tasha tried so hard to break with their children.

That obviously didn't work or we wouldn't be here because in spite of his sheltered upbringing, Tariq has managed to, against all odds, keep that vicious cycle going and build a nasty reputation for himself in the process. Here are the 19 instances his actions made us question if he was really a St Patrick! 


1. Not Being Smart

Not Being Smart
We'll start with the most obvious example: Tariq is dumb! which is like the opposite of what his parents are. Sure, we can blame it on youthful exuberance but that'll be a lie because he had a twin sister and she was the sweetest, kindest person on that show. Whichever way this story is spun, it's quite clear Tariq's intellect just doesn't cut it.

2. Falling In With Kanan

Falling In With Kanan
We all know how deep Kanan's grudge against Ghost went and we can forgive tariq for not knowing kanan's true identity at the time. But then everything came out into the open and you'd think this kid would make the most basic of logical decisions and stay the hell away from kanan, alas, we all know how that ended -- in a messed up Father/Son relationship with his real father's mortal enemy.

3. Became A Bully

Became A Bully
We know the St Patricks have had a rough go at it domestically since this show began but there are better ways to achieve catharsis without bruising up your sister's arm or breaking anyone's face in with your fist. Also, Legend has it that there is a section in hell reserved for bullies, corrupt politicians, and people who pour their milk in the bowl before the cereal; so we'll be sparing a few thoughts for Tariq when the time comes.

4. Covered For Dre

Covered For Dre
No one likes Dre. That much is known. He's a weakling and a backstabbing ingrate who, though under hreat, refused to clue ghost in on the identity of the new gangbanger his son was running around with. That didn't matter because as soon as Tariq was asked by a pissed off Ghost if Dre knew about Kanan, He covered for him without missing a beat. Now, at this point Tariq was only midway through his evolution into a full -- blown pathological liar but as chaotic as the street life seems on Power, there are rules to this game and Tariq flunked the simplest of them all -- Don't trust liars.

5. Stealing Angela's Gun

Stealing Angela's Gun
Being made to hang out with your dad's mistress was always going to be rough, but it doesn't say anywhere that you had to steal her gun and take it with you to school for absolutely no reason. Tariq can thank his stars that his dad's mistress was, well, his dad's mistress because she also happens to be a federal agent. if he had been turned in to the authorities Tariq's lifelong dream of filling out his rap sheet as early as he could would've come to pass a lot sooner.

6. Being Rude To Everyone

Being Rude To Everyone
Explicit instructions to not call his father by his street name fell on deaf ears, as usual. That is just one instance in a series of events that included him basically calling Angela a slut and grabbing his mom's arm when she tried to smack him in the face. That is tantamount to sacrilege because when your mom tries to smack you for being naughty, you let her.

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