Outlander Season 3: Key Art and a Return Date!!

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There is little doubt the lives of Claire and Jaimie Fraser are going to be difficult during Outlander Season 3.

Ripped away from their loves and in for the battles of their lives, they'll be fighting without their partners by their sides.

For Jamie, he's heading straight toward the battle of Culloden. Claire is going to give birth to the child of the man she thinks will die on the battlefield. 

Birth is already something that frightens Claire dearly given her last experience, and she'll have to count on Frank to get her through. Can Frank leave the sullenness of rejection behind and be the husband Claire needs?

And when their daughter, Brianna, is all grown up and Frank is gone, Claire will once again step through the stones to try to find the man she loves and get back the life they lost through no fault of their own.

We're just shivering thinking about it. In the meantime, watch Outlander online and then tune into the premiere. All the details and photos we have so far of the season follow below!

1. Outlander Season 3 Key Art

Outlander Season 3 Key Art
Outlander returns Sunday, September 10 at 8/7c. The key art is indicative of the situation in which the lovers find themselves. Torn apart by the very device that brought them together and the assumption that Jaime didn't survive the battle of Culloden.

2. Leading the Army - Outlander

Leading the Army - Outlander
Jamie is leading his army into the battle of Culloden.

3. Enjoying a Show - Outlander

Enjoying a Show - Outlander
Claire and Randall are making a go of their marriage while they raise Brianna.

4. Having the Baby - Outlander

Having the Baby - Outlander
We'll get to see it all, from the time Brianna was born to adulthood, it seems.

5. Leading the Charge - Outlander

Leading the Charge - Outlander
The brutal battle of Culloden, the one that changes Claire's life as she knew it, will also be seen in bloody detail.

6. The Moment - Outlander

The Moment - Outlander
One of the two men doesn't make it out of this campaign alive. For years, Claire thought it was two men who perished.

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I've always known I've lived a like different from other men. When I was a lad I saw no path before me, I simply took a step and then another. Ever forward, ever onward, rushing toward someplace I knew not where. And one day I turned around and looked back and saw that each step I'd taken was a choice, to go left, to go right, to go forward or even to not go at all. Every day every man has a choice between right and wrong, between love and hate, and sometimes between life and death and the sum of those choices becomes your life. The day I realized that is the day that I became a man.


Don't play the worm with me. Jamie, I just want this to be a pleasant experience for us both.